Michael Chapman and Diz Watson Join One Tree

09 March 2011

Michael Chapman and Diz Watson Join One Tree

One Tree is delighted to announce that Michael Chapman and Diz Watson have joined our roster of artists. Both men are fantastic British musicans who have left thier own footprints on our musical landscape.

Michael Chapman is regarded as one of this country's finest guitarists, coming from the British folk movement of the late 1960s, but he delivers a lot more than folk. A man who loves to play to audiences, Michael is an amazing songwritter and innovator.  It is his innovative approach that formed the basis for his recent collaboration with Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth).

This year is the 40th anniversary of Michael's "Fully Qualified Survivor" album - regarded by the late John Peel as the album of the year at the time of it's release - and there is a celebratory coast to coast tour of the States booked to mark this landmark.  With a re-release of this much vaunted album, plus three more releases scheduled for the year, we are very excited to be working with Michael.

Diz Watson is quite possibly Britain's foremost exponent of boogie and New Orleans piano.  Held in high regard by the giants of the genre - both Dr John and Diz's mentor Professor Longhair - as well as being an influence on contemporary players such as Ben Waters, Diz is also celebrating a landmark year.

2011 sees the 30th anniversary of the "Bluecoat Man" album release on ACE records.  Diz and the Doormen are celebrating with a planned run of performances around the country - and they really are worth band cooks up the flavours of New Orleans quite like Diz and the boys do.

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