King Size Slim at the Big Chill 2011

03 August 2011

King Size Slim at the Big Chill 2011

BREAKING NEWS....Not only will King Size Slim be on stage in the Enchanted Garden but now the VIPs want them too!

The full trio line-up are performing across all three days of the Big Chill Festival, appearing Friday, Saturday and Sunday on the Band Stand Stage in the Enchanted Garden.

But now the VIPs want a slice of fat roots boogie and King Size Slim will also be performing in the VIP Bar on the Saturday and Sunday.  VIP passes only.  So  the VIPs get the best of the festival toilets and now they get up close and personal with the best of the music too!

One Tree wishes the guys a great festival and we'll keep you posted on more King Size Slim news this summer!