The Chris Corcoran Trio

The Chris Corcoran Trio

Chris Corcoran is one of the most sought after guitarists on the UK blues and music scene.  Having spent ten years with West Weston and the Bluesonics, he can also be heard playing regularly with other great british blues acts such as Jeremiah Marques and Lee Sankey.

Chris has his own unique sound and feel that puts him in a class of his own.  Already an unrivalled swing player, with a fantastic warm tone, 2011 sees the launch of his first project as the "front man".

So how does a 1950's acoustic Broadway guitar lead a band?

The Chris Corcoran Trio is an instumental outfit, so it really is the ideal vehicle to get the most out of Chris's stunning playing.  Featuring Pete Greatorex on drums and Dave Langado on upright bass, this is a line-up where sound and substance not only matter, but are delivered with every tune.  But it's not purely chasing authenticity, there is a real freshness to the groove riding between the rhythm section and Chris's playing.

It is here that the uniqueness of the guitar sound takes centre stage.  Having added the pick-up to the vintage Broadway himself and chosen to play on heavy gauge, flat-wound strings Chris adds "I've only ever seen one other guitar like this - and I own that one too!"

Similarly, as much care has been taken in choosing the material for the trio's debut album, "The Getaway".  Drawing on influences from Ray Charles and Kenny Burrell through to The Meters, Early reviews have been fantastic.  Whether it's the warm mambo-esque back beat of "The Switch", the subtle jazz tones of the self-explanatory "Walkin' Home Drunk" or the dirty Southern funk of "The Plunge" this is an evocative set of recordings that the band are rightly proud of.

Yet the influences blend easily together - so the only real way to understand the strength, and subtlety, of this band is to stop, take a little time, and listen to a group of musicians who really understand how to compose, arrange and deliver, not only in the studio but on stage too.


"The business when it comes to 50's style swing guitar" BLUES IN BRITAIN MAGAZINE

"Looks like a fifties college kid gone bad - sounds like BB King" JAZZ ON THE STREETS

See gallery or click on artist pdf for a copy of the article from "PIPELINE INTERNATIONAL REVIEW"

  • The Plunge
  • The Switch
  • Chittlins Con Carne
  • The Getaway